12 Tips For A Successful Visit In Hong Kong Disneyland

Since its opening in 2005, Disneyland Hong Kong has become one of the twenty most successful parks in the world. In this popular park, you will find seven different lands, meet with Disney beloved characters, and discover well-known and also new attractions. It is located in Lantau Island and besides the familiar characteristics that you can find in all the Disney parks in the world, it also has some local…

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A Perfect Day In Hong Kong Disneyland

Every visit to Disneyland is exciting! Even if you have been to other Disney parks in the world (more than once) you still wait for that day like a child. Is it just me?...(:We have decided to visit Hong Kong Disneyland on the last day of the Halloween parties. We double checked that there are no school holidays in Hong Kong that day, you can check it at this site.We’ve…

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