Is Hong Kong A Good Place To Visit?

Is Hong Kong A Good Place To Visit?


The Estimated 2018 arrivals of tourists to Hong Kong was almost 30 million and it was ranked number one several times as Asia’s hot spot for tourists. I guess you can’t argue with that. 

But somehow there are people who still think of Hong Kong as just a transit city for a day or two. 

Our personal experience in Hong Kong was that this is a must-visit destination and looking back it was a great decision to travel there as a family. You can read about our 7 days itinerary in Hong Kong here.

Hong Kong has many contrasts, on the one hand, it is connected to China, not only physically but also in tradition. On the other hand, long years of contact with Britain (Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997) left their mark. During a visit to Hong Kong, even a short one, you will discover a fascinating combination of East and West, modernity alongside tradition. Hong Kong is one of two special administrative regions of China (the second is Macau) and consists of more than 230 islands, some of them tiny and others densely populated.

So, if you’re asking yourself: is Hong Kong a good place to visit? the short answer will be: Definitely YES! To convince you, here are some top reasons that make Hong Kong a perfect place for your next vacation:

1) It Is Generally Safe

Most of us and especially families with children want to travel on their vacation to a relatively safe place. Generally, Hong Kong is safe and very tourist-friendly.

It has low rates of crime and you can still walk (in the main streets) after midnight and no one will bother you. We were strolling around at 2AM and there were places packed with people!

The MTR (see transportation) is running to very late at night and even some minibuses.

We used the MTR at around midnight and felt very safe.

The only thing that should be taken into consideration is the Typhoons in the summer. Typhoons in HK usually occurs from May to early November, but their Peak is from July to September.

mongkok hong kong

2) It Has Great Public Transportation

Every place in Hong Kong is well connected by the efficient, clean and punctual public transportation system. The easiest way to travel is by MTR in which you can use the great Octopus card without worrying about exact change. 

There is also the famous Star Ferry that crosses the Victoria Harbour, which you have to take when visiting Hong Kong. The Island Tram that runs from the East to the West of the HK Island are is also a must for tourists.

MTR Hong Kong
ding ding hong kong central

3) The city that never sleeps

Hong Kong is super vibrant and exciting. It seems it never sleeps, even when you get bored at 2 AM you can find a place to eat, drink or buy a snack.

If you arrive with no kids then in Hong Kong, the city with the most vibrant nightlife in Asia, you can find a selection of bars and entertainment venues that are manly Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

4) Great Hiking Trails

Hong Kong is a surprising destination for hiking tours. There are quite a few beautiful hiking trails in nature with breathtaking views. You can read more about it here.

Hiking Hong Kong

5) Foodies Heaven

In Hong Kong, there is never a fear that you won’t find something to eat. A survey of favorite destinations for food lovers shows that the only countries ranked higher than Hong Kong are France and Italy. 

Hong Kong has thousands of places where you can eat and drink – so much, that sometimes it’s even confusing. 

Even vegetarians and vegans will find great options.

kala rainbow toast the peak Hong Kong
boy eats noodles

6) Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

If you love shopping, you’ll love Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, you can find luxury boutiques, enormous malls, electronic markets, souvenir stalls, countless clothing stores and more. When you’re buying at the great markets Hong Kong has to offer, don’t forget to bargain.

7) Lots Of Attractions

Beyond the initial impression of a modern city with huge buildings and endless shopping malls, Hong Kong also offers lots of special and diverse sites such as museums, parks, markets, and authentic Chinese neighborhoods and villages.

For those who want to go there with their kids on a family vacation, it’s a perfect destination. You can find our suggestions for spending a week with your family in Hong Kong here.

Nan Lian Garden
Tian tan buddah hong kong

We hope that if you had any doubts about whether or not to travel to Hong Kong this post convinced you that you should go. If you have any questions or comments please write them in the comments below or contact us.

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