12 Best Things To Do In The Black Forest Germany

The Black Forest, which is called in German Schwarzwald, is a tourist destination and also a very known scenery in myths and folktales. It is said that the people living in the area believed that dwarfs, witches, and fairies lived in the forest.  The Black Forest is one of the most fascinating, colorful and diverse forests in the world. The forest that is divided by wide valleys and narrow canyons,…

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Is Hong Kong A Good Place To Visit?

The Estimated 2018 arrivals of tourists to Hong Kong was almost 30 million and it was ranked number one several times as Asia’s hot spot for tourists. I guess you can’t argue with that.  But somehow there are people who still think of Hong Kong as just a transit city for a day or two.  Our personal experience in Hong Kong was that this is a must-visit destination and looking…

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11 Things You Must Do In Amsterdam With Kids

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and one of the world's leading tourist destinations. It is a very easy city to travel in, as most of the interesting sites are in a walking distance or a short public transport. Amsterdam's beautiful canals, squares, streets, cosmopolitan atmosphere and fascinating contrasts between old and new make it a must-see destination for every tourist in the Netherlands, including families. Amsterdam is definitely…

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12 Tips For A Successful Visit In Hong Kong Disneyland

Since its opening in 2005, Disneyland Hong Kong has become one of the twenty most successful parks in the world. In this popular park, you will find seven different lands, meet with Disney beloved characters, and discover well-known and also new attractions. It is located in Lantau Island and besides the familiar characteristics that you can find in all the Disney parks in the world, it also has some local…

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10 Outdoor Things To Do In Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is certainly not one of those places that jump into your head when planning a trip to Africa. But even so whoever arrives will be surprised to discover a beautiful and interesting country with super nice people.  Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) is one of the most developed countries in West Africa, and about half of the world's cocoa beans are produced there. Its political capital city is Yamoussoukro,…

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10 places to visit in Florence in one day

Florence is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. As it is full of museums, shops, markets, restaurants and more, it is recommended to spend there at least a couple of days. But, If your time is limited and you can only visit in Florence for 1 day, starting in the morning and ending in the evening, then you came to the right place. Here is a list…

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5 Things To Do In Utrecht If You Only Have Half A Day

Is Utrecht worth a visit? This is a question that I often hear. Well, let me tell you: Utrecht is a real gem! It is the fourth largest city in the center of the Netherlands located about half an hour's drive from Amsterdam by train and 45 minutes by car.  Utrecht has a history which begins in the days of the Roman Empire. Although it is one of the oldest…

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Things To Do In The Netherlands: Our Top 16 Favorite Attractions For Families

You've probably heard that the Netherlands is a great destination for a family vacation with children and if you wondered whether these statements are true then I am here to tell you: definitely true! The Netherlands offers for a family a wide range of attractions, activities, museums, and nature with a lot of thought to suit children. In the Netherlands, you will find picturesque and quiet cities in addition to…

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