3 Fun Days In Lisbon, Portugal

The city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a magical city that combines classic and modern and offers a variety of activities and attractions. In the city center, you can visit medieval castles and monasteries and wander its winding streets and narrow alleys.  Lisbon is an intriguing and unique tourist city, whose history is present in almost every step. Lisbon is considered one of the oldest capitals in Europe and…

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A Lovely Day In Lantau Island Hong Kong

Lantau is the largest in a group of more than 260 islands that make up Hong Kong. In 1998, a year after Hong Kong was returned to Chinese control, the modern Chek Lap Kok Airport began operating, and since then bridges and underwater tunnels were built, linking the Lantau island with the Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong Island and the new territories.  When I was a child I’ve visited Hong Kong…

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Beautiful 3 Days Trip To Normandy France

What characterizes the Normandy region are beautiful beaches, small villages, port cities, cheese, seafood, and cider. The region has many picturesque towns and fishing villages. Normandy is where Impressionism first began and also this region is a historic site that serves as a memorial to the battles of World War II. Normandy is a favorite place for gastronomy enthusiasts and is full of seafood, meat and apple cider which is…

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Cities Close To Paris Worth Visiting

France is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, but apart from the city of Paris, the country of Croissants and Chansons embraces hundreds of small towns and picturesque villages scattered throughout its districts. These attractive areas offer the tourist a vacation of pastoral nature and genuine tranquility. There is no doubt that there is so much to do in Paris and that no matter how many times…

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Barcelona With Kids – Everything You Need To Know

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia region  in Spain, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is the second most important city in Spain after Madrid. Barcelona has the second largest international airport in Spain and one of the most important Mediterranean ports in Europe. Barcelona has nearly 2 million inhabitants, not including its immediate vicinity, where the number is similar. For years now Barcelona has been one…

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20 Fun Things To Do In Berlin With Kids

Berlin is an excellent destination for a vacation but it's not the first city that pops up in my mind as a destination to travel to with kids. However, Berlin has many attractions for the whole family, even those with small children. Berlin is a cool, different, very diverse city, with a mix of green and urbanism, street art, special shops, shows, and delicious food. The eastern side, once poor…

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A Day Trip From Tel Aviv: Old Acre (Akko)

The Old City of Acre has a special atmosphere. The natural bay made Acre the main port city in the land of Israel for thousands of years and was connected to many rulers with countless stories. In 2001, Old Acre has declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Acre is a mixed city (Jews and Arabs live together). Be aware that in Israel the name of the city is pronounced Akko.Acre…

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A Perfect Weekend In The Dead Sea And Masada Fortress

We have planned to visit the Dead Sea and Masada for a long time so we were very excited to finally go there. April in Israel is the springtime so the weather is excellent for a trip to the desert. Since in our visit to Israel we were staying in the Galilee (northern Israel) we decided that if we were already going to the Negev desert (southern Israel) then we're…

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