Mastering Mt. Fuji in 24 Hours: Your Essential One-Day Sightseeing Guide

Mount Fuji is known as the most famous volcano in Japan, so you cannot travel to Japan without seeing it. This impressive volcano, shaped like a perfect cone, is the highest in Japan and is considered sacred. It appears in countless paintings and for hundreds of years people have been climbing the mountain. In the past, they climbed as part of a religious ceremony and today, as a tourist attraction.We recommend…

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Winter Adventure in Japan: An 18-Day Itinerary Through Tokyo, Kyoto, and Beyond

Embarking on a winter journey to Japan is a magical experience, especially when December wraps the landscapes of Christmas decorations everywhere. Although most Japanese have no religious significance to Christmas, the Japanese are happy to welcome the holiday. Whoever walks the streets of the big cities in December, will see the houses and shops decorated with multi-colored lighting, Christmas trees, and Christmas decorations. In many stores, there are special offers and…

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