11 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit Valladolid Mexico

Valladolid is located in the Yucatán peninsula, about a 2-hour drive from Cancun, and it is slowly becoming a popular travel destination. Valladolid is one of Mexico’s pueblos magicos (Mexico’s magic towns), and it is also considered one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Mexico.  Valladolid is definitely a hidden gem and it became one of our favorite places in Yucatan. This small city is authentic and unique with…

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10-Days Best Yucatan Peninsula Itinerary

The Yucatan Peninsula lies in the southeastern part of Mexico and has borders with Belize and Guatemala. The peninsula stretches to the northeast, on the north is the Gulf of Mexico and on the east, is the Caribbean Sea. To be honest, we didn’t originally plan to travel to Yucatan as it is a long journey from where we live. However, with the Covid-19 situation, we found Mexico as the…

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