Hi travelers! thank you for visiting my blog. I really hope you’ll enjoy and benefit from it.

My name is Michal and I’m the one behind Down to Earth Travelers. As you probably guessed, I LOVE to travel! This has started long ago when I was a child. As part of my father’s work(chief engineer in a containers ship) my family and I joined him on the ship for more than three months every year, visiting many cities in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Now, with our three amazing children, my husband and I try to explore as much as we can of our wonderful planet.

In addition to my traveling passion I am also a scientist and a researcher in my heart, in fact, I have a Ph.D. in Biotechnology – a down to earth girl. This may explain my obsession of researching every destination before we travel, organizing every day in our trip in advance, and caring about every little detail. As a regular family (work, kids etc.), when we have the time to go on a family vacation we want to be able to make the most out of it! So preparing and researching everything in advance ables us to do so.

Although we are Israelis, these days we live in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) in West Africa. With me having some extra time to myself, I have decided to create this blog and to share with you all the valuable information I have collected over the years and also my detailed itineraries and more.

I really hope this blog will inspire you to go and explore the world as much as you can, and help you with your planning so it will make it easier for you to just TRAVEL!


Michal and the travelers

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