20 Fun Things To Do In Berlin With Kids

20 Fun Things To Do In Berlin With Kids


Berlin is an excellent destination for a vacation but it’s not the first city that pops up in my mind as a destination to travel to with kids. However, Berlin has many attractions for the whole family, even those with small children.

Berlin is a cool, different, very diverse city, with a mix of green and urbanism, street art, special shops, shows, and delicious food. The eastern side, once poor and neglected became the beating heart of this vibrant city. Here you will find the hottest clubs, restaurants, shows, concerts, designer shops and more.

Yet Berlin remembers her past and perpetuates it in fascinating ways.

Before we start, it is worth knowing that in many places you can buy a family discount for up to five people. The same applies to public transport – a daily family card will save you money and is good for traveling by city bus, subway, and light rail.

We actually took the hop on hop off bus for the first couple of days and we enjoyed it very much. This bus has several routes that go through all the famous sites and attractions while you can decide to jump off or on as many times as you like during the day. The kids loved to seat on the second floor and we were able to explore the whole city. 

Berlin Germany

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Although a visit to Berlin can be quite serious, we’ve decided to dedicate this post to fun things you can do in Berlin with children. So let’s begin! 

Here is a map of all the attractions mentioned in the post. You can click on each of them for more information.

The Brandenburg Gate is an important historical site, within walking distance of the Reichstag building. This gate was a symbol of the division of Berlin and was the place where the border between East and West Berlin passed. After the fall of the wall, the gate became a symbol of unity and freedom, and it is one of the city’s important sites.

The gate is located at the end of Unter den Linden boulevard which is great for a relaxed walk and to seat for a cup of tea or coffee in its many cafes.

2. Berlin TV Tower (Fernsehturm)

It is nice to start the visit to Berlin at the revolving 360 ° view, located at the top of the television tower in Alexanderplatz. This tower rises to around 200 meters.  A bit pricey though.

Address: Panoramastraße 1A,


3. Little Big City Berlin

The miniature city of Berlin is located near the television tower. After viewing all the sites of Berlin from a height you can go and see them in their miniature version. The models are wonderful and educational with many buttons to push, wheels to turn and even walls to push down.

You can buy your discount tickets to Little Big City HERE.

4. Die Hackesche Hofe

Once part of the East Berlin commercial center now is a busy area close to Alexanderplatz. The main entrance is from the Rosenthalerstrasse where you can find restaurants, cafes, galleries, shops, cinemas, cabaret, and theater. Just get lost in all the charming courtyards.

Berlin Germany

5. Checkpoint Charlie

The famous border between East and West during the cold war. There is also a museum nearby which tells the story of the wall that divided the city from 1961 to 1989.

Berlin Germany
Berlin Germany

6. The Jump House

The Jump House Berlin offers seven different areas and 4,000 square meters of trampolines, various jumping facilities, and attractions for all ages. It is located in the center of Berlin.

Address: Miraustraße 38,  13509 Berlin.

7. Zoos (Zoo-berlin and The Zoo of East Berlin)

Disclosure: Since becoming vegan and after understanding about the state of animals in zoos, we try not to visit zoos or attractions that include animal captivity.

Zoo-berlin is one of the oldest attractions in the city. It is a very charming and well-kept zoo.

Address: Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin.

The Zoo of East Berlin (Tierpark Berlin) which served East Germany was founded in 1955. Although the place is smaller than the main zoo in the West, it’s not less charming.

Address: Am Tierpark 125, 10319, Berlin.

Berlin Germany

8. the Sea Life & Aquadoom

Over 5,000 underwater creatures await you in one of the most amazing parks in Europe.  The highlight of the place is undoubtedly the Aquadom, the largest aquarium in the world, with a glass elevator surrounded by colorful tropical fish, crabs, sea stars and of course seahorses.

Address: Spandauer Str. 3, 10178 Berlin.

Berlin Germany

9. Museum für Naturkunde

One of the exhibits that attract the most attention in the museum is the skeleton of the Brachiosaurus, a 70 million years old giant dinosaur skeleton that is about 13 meters high and 73 meters long! It is the largest complex dinosaur skeleton ever presented to the public and originates from the region of Tasmania near Australia where it was discovered at the beginning of the century.

Address: Invalidenstraße 43, Berlin.

Berlin Germany

10. The Legoland Discovery Center

The Legoland located at Sonny Center in Potsdamer Platz, it includes activities mainly for toddlers. The complex is divided into different areas with various facilities, including mini-land with famous sites and buildings, a small roller coaster, a play area, a 4D cinema and more. You can buy LEGO stones by weight, just like candy, but it is recommended to jump to the store located at the beginning of West Berlin’s main shopping street which is considered one of the best stores in Europe, Tauentzienstraße 20.

Address: Potsdamer Straße 4, Berlin.

Berlin Germany
Berlin Germany

11. Strolling in the park

When there is a nice weather in Berlin, another option is to go outside to one of the several beautiful public parks. Berlin has a lot of green open spaces spread over more than 5 acres. 

The biggest park is Tiergarten park where you can walk, ride a bike, seat by the small lakes or spread a blanket in one of the shaded corners for a fun picnic. You can also board one of the cruise ships for a nice tour in the river.

Volkspark Friedrichshain is also a lovely park with a water fountains and statues. It also has an open children’s park section.

Berlin Germany

12. Tropical Islands Water park

The largest water park in Europe is located in the giant dome in Krausnik in eastern Germany, about 60 kilometers south of Berlin. The park covers 66,000 square meters and includes beaches, lagoons, and even a tropical forest and offers tourists and locals a tropical summer vacation throughout the year, even in the cold winter. The temperature in the park is always pleasant and thus allows the existence of the largest inner rain forest in the world. 

One of the most popular attractions is the highest slide tower in Germany. The site also has the largest tropical spa and sauna in Europe. Six treatment areas are designed according to cultural areas around the world.

Allee 1, 15910 Krausnick, Brandenburg Germany.

13. BergWerk - Indoor climbing park

Feeling brave? pay a visit to BergWerk Berlin, the largest urban climbing park in Europe. The complex, built as a kind of old mine, offers ten different climbing facilities up to a height of 20 meters. An experience full of adrenaline for the little and the big.

Address: Stendaler Straße 25, 12627 Berlin.

14. Computerspielemuseum (The computer games museum)

The museum is designed for slightly bigger children and is considered an unforgettable experience. Here you will find historical computers and breathtaking interactive performances, which will delight any child who loves computer games and game consoles.

Address: Karl-Marx-Allee 93A, 

15. Deutsches Technikmuseum (German Museum of Technology)

Berlin’s Museum of Technology is a huge museum that traces the technological development of Berlin, with a huge collection of vehicles. The technical museum has about 40 original locomotives that can be climbed, textile machines, radios and more. You can also take a look at the first computer created in Berlin.

Trebbinerstrasse 9, Kreuzberg

16. MountMitte - outdoor climbing park

MountMitte is a rope park in the heart of Berlin. From age seven and up with six levels of tracks and 90 facilities including two breathtaking attractions – Skyfall and Skyswing

Address: Caroline-Michaelis-Straße 8, 10115 Berlin.

17. Spionagemuseum (spy museum)

A unique museum allowing a glimpse into the shadowy world of espionage. The museum presents state-of-the-art technologies of surveillance along with sophisticated and sometimes strange methods of secret agents and services. More than 1,000 exhibits are displayed on a 3,000-square-foot display area that accompanies visitors on time travel – from the biblical spies to the glory days of Berlin as the “world spy capital” during the Cold War.

Address: Leipziger Platz 9 10117 Berlin

18. Classic Remise Berlin (cars museum)

If you have children that are obsessed with cars then this is the place to take them.  Large range of cars to look at such as Aston Martin DB5 to newer ones like a Ferrari.

Address: Wiebestraße 36 – 37, 10553 Berlin.

19. Madame Tussauds Berlin

If you have already visited one of Madame Tussauds’ Museum around the world then this is not a must. However, children never get bored of taking pictures with these amazing wax dolls. 

Address: Unter den Linden 74, 10117 Berlin.

20. Kindercafé

In case you are traveling with small children or babies and just want to sit in a relaxed and pleasant place and drink coffee while your kids are having fun, you will find in Berlin a fair selection of such cafes. They are called Kindercafé and usually include play areas alongside a coffee shop. Keep in mind that the menu is not always rich and most of it will be more suitable for children’s palate, whether pasta, sandwiches and waffles with powdered sugar, a selection of cakes and of course coffee.

Berlin Germany
Berlin Germany

We hope this will help you on your next vacation to Berlin. If there is any other attraction you think we should add to the list let us know in the comments below.

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