12 Tips For A Successful Visit In Hong Kong Disneyland

12 Tips For A Successful Visit In Hong Kong Disneyland


Since its opening in 2005, Disneyland Hong Kong has become one of the twenty most successful parks in the world. In this popular park, you will find seven different lands, meet with Disney beloved characters, and discover well-known and also new attractions.

It is located in Lantau Island and besides the familiar characteristics that you can find in all the Disney parks in the world, it also has some local characteristics that emphasize the Chinese culture. The park planners even used Feng Shui specialists, to plan the park correctly and harmoniously.

As mentioned, the park is divided into seven different lands/areas: Main Street USA, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow’s World, Toy Story Land, Wild West Country, and The Mysterious Point. In the complex, you will also find three hotels at different price levels.

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Hong Kong Disneyland Castle
Hong Kong Disneyland Castle

Here are our 12 tips for a successful visit to Hong Kong Disneyland

2) Arrive with Disney's special MTR line

It is both efficient and gets you into the mood. The entire train is inspired by Disney so you can get into the atmosphere even on your way to the park. The train stops right at the entrance. The MTR line operates from Sunny Bay from 06:15 – 00:45 and from the Resort Station back from 06:20 – 00:40. The frequency is about 4-10 minutes.

3) Arrive early

The relatively late opening hour (10:30 am) makes it possible to arrive before the park is officially opened. Our recommendation is to arrive at around 10:00 am in order to collect the tickets you bought or buy tickets in place. Usually, you can enter the main street USA area even before the official opening hour of the park. You can check the opening hours here.

4) Download the Park’s app

With this application You can get information about the various facilities, location and approximate waiting time for each ride. The application helps you to plan your next steps while in the park. There is free WiFi so there is no problem using the app at the resort.

5) Do not stay on the main street when you enter and go straight to the rides

Each family has different favorite rides and attractions depending on the age of the children or for other reasons. We preferred to start with space mountain since it usually has a long queue and it’s relatively not crowded in the morning. We left the Iron Man ride to later in the afternoon and it was an excellent decision as we didn’t have to wait at all! Besides that, we just strolled through the park and wherever we could use the FastPass we did. For those with small children, it is recommended to start visiting Dumbo the flying elephant.

Disneyland Hong Kong

6) Use the FastPass

The rides that offer the FastPass sometimes change therefore it is recommended to check the Park’s website. When we visited there we could use it at the following rides: the many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Iron Man Experience and Hyperspace Mountain. All you need to do is to scan your valid park admission ticket at the FastPass machine and it will print you a FastPass ticket with your return time. Return to the FastPass special entry at your return time. Click here for more information. 

7) Do not come on weekends and holidays

This is a tip that is right for any amusement park or attraction that involves children and queues. This is the nature of things, weekends, vacations and holidays are always more busy and cluttered. So if you can avoid it why not? Check here for holidays in Hong Kong

Note: We visited the park on the last day of the Halloween parties but we double checked that there was no school holiday at that day.  

halloween disneyland hk
halloween at disneyland hk

8) Bring some water and a few snacks

Be aware that according to the park’s rules it is forbidden to enter food and drinks. However, the food in the park (especially for vegans) is a bit disappointing. They do check the bags at the entrance, but usually, if it is a reasonable amount there shouldn’t be any problem. In any case, if you don’t want to risk it there is a wide variety of restaurants and food stalls offering Asian and Western cuisine.

Hong Kong Disneyland Castle

9) One day is enough

It’s a relatively small park that can easily be covered in one day. 

We managed to ride all the attractions (some even twice). However, to achieve that you will have to follow tip number 3; arrive early!

10) Go see the parades

 The parades are always entertaining and also a great opportunity to see the Disney characters all at the same time. There are usually two parades a day (afternoon and before closing) and they change during the year. Therefore, it is recommended to check with Hong Kong Disneyland website (click here) or at the entrance, so you can plan ahead accordingly and reach the parade area on time.

Halloween Parade Disneyland HK

11) Choose at least one show

During the day and at regular times, there are varied performances throughout the park. At the entrance to the park, you can find the board of performances and we strongly recommend seeing at least one show. This is also a great opportunity to rest a little.

12) Read about the attractions before you visit the park

 This is important in order to find out what fits your children’s age and height. This will save you some time and disappointment when you are at the park. Here you can find all this information. 

Don’t forget that you go to Disneyland to have a fun with your family, so try to relax and enjoy it even if things do not go exactly as you planned.

You can read more about our perfect day in Hong Kong Disneyland here.

If you have questions or other tips you can write them in the comments or contact me. 

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